Emily Convers ~ Chairwoman of United Monroe

Emily ConversEmily Convers is the Chairwoman of United Monroe, the grassroots citizens’ group formed in 2013 in response to the abusive Town Board of Monroe and their obvious allegiance to a special interest group, the KJPE (Kiryas Joel Power Elite), who elected them.

After the Town’s irresponsible purchase of a movie theater, Emily Convers began attending Monroe Town Board meetings.  She quickly realized that the elected Town Board were not representing all of the citizens of the Town, but instead, were representing the needs and wishes of the leaders of Kiryas Joel, an environmental lawbreaking municipality within the Town of Monroe.  Emily organized her fellow citizens and formed the nonpartisan, grassroots group, “United Monroe”, in the Spring of 2013.  Hundreds gathered to support the new cause, and 2013 was the first year United Monroe ran their own slate of candidates on the ballot under the United Monroe name.

United Monroe has since endorsed and elected over a dozen people to various offices in the region.

Since United Monroe’s inception in 2013, Emily Convers has been on the front lines, exposing the corrupt actions of the Town of Monroe Supervisor and his fellow puppets for the Kiryas Joel government, and she has led the charge in opposition to the illegal and unsustainable land grab efforts by the Kiryas Joel government.

Emily Convers has been successful due to her ability to communicate the issues at hand in a succinct, digestible manner, without anger, and without personal attacks.  Emily has been able to reach many citizens of Kiryas Joel, who she believes are also victims of their corrupt government.

Emily has been frequently interviewed by local and national news publications including The Photo News, The Times Herald Record, The Mid Hudson Valley News, The Associated Press, The New York Post, and she has been interviewed for WAMC Radio, NPR, and has guest-hosted programs for WTBQ Radio.

Emily Convers is a wife, a mom of two boys, and has lived in the Village of Monroe for almost ten years.

Before having children, Emily Convers was a project manager in the wireless communications industry.  Emily chose to stay home to raise her children.

Emily loves Monroe and chose to live here because of the rolling hills, quaint downtown, the friendly people, the proximity to farms and hiking, and the excellent school district.  It seemed like the perfect place to raise her family, and it’s only a thirty-minute drive for her husband, Philippe, to get to work. Emily Convers is committed to continuing to make Monroe a sustainable place to live for all of the citizens of this community.

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