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Sep 1st, 2016 | By | Category: 98th Assembly District, John N. Allegro, Orange County Politics

jaStatement from John Allegro, Candidate for New York State Assembly, 98th District, on today’s Board of Elections hearing in Albany:

“The Board of Elections held a hearing today in Albany regarding specific objections that were filed against my opponent’s independent nominating petition.

During this hearing, my opponent was able to recoup 58 signatures that were initially removed by the Board, raising his signature total to 1629. The result of today’s hearing is not final. He is not “on the ballot”.

It is a matter of course for the Board to withold rulings on certain types of objections to signatures. It is their preference to allow the courts to rule on these. It is there that they will be overturned.

There are many other objections that the Board cannot resolve, which automatically get sent to the courts should an objector choose to continue the process. These objections include matters of fraud, forgery, and witness disqualification.

The several witness accounts of fraud and deception should be, and will be pursued in the the courts in Albany.

 “United Monroe” is more than a name. It is an identity. The moral character that is “United Monroe” cannot be taken by a self-serving career politician who pulled off a sophomoric stunt. It will not happen.

I am prepared to take back the line that so many volunteers worked tirelessly for, by knocking on doors in the rain, and standing at events in the heat of the summer to collect over 2,200 signatures. We will reclaim the name “United Monroe” in the courts, and we will forge ahead to victory on November 8th.”

-John Allegro

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