Smart Growth Party

It’s time for a change in Monroe. With the right leadership, our downtown can thrive, our local habitats can be preserved, and the quality of life for our residents will reflect our vision as a community here in the Village of Monroe.

Through our conversations with Village residents, we are creating a plan for a new, sustainable Village of Monroe. Together, we can dream bigger, and reach our goals.

Please join us in our vision to achieve the following:

  1. Downtown Revitalization: We will engage a team of community members who will participate in a downtown revitalization plan.
  2. Immediate Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Review: Re-open the Comprehensive Plan process, focusing on public participation, preservation of historic properties, and protection of the Environmentally Sensitive Overlay Districts, which would then apply to zoning amendments.
  3. Re-establish the Architectural Appearance Review Board: The AARB is critical in furthering our community’s vision for our Village and our downtown. We will reinstate and strengthen the AARB to help us meet our goals for a vibrant, walkable business district.
  4. Open Government Reform. All meetings will be video recorded and
    available on-demand for public viewing.
  5. Fiscally Responsible Government: We promise to act responsibly with Village finances. We will be fully accountable as the stewards of your taxpayer dollars as if they were our own.
  6. Review All Village Properties and Village Infrastructure: We will enact short-term and long-term plans that will protect and improve our village
    infrastructure systems.

These goals will be achieved through the diligent efforts of Village residents and employees who will work with our Village Board. The common goal for all will be to produce considerate dialogue and thoughtful ideas as we strive for excellence with every effort.

Continue this walk with us, as we work toward earning your trust and confidence in our quest to represent the residents of the Village of Monroe.