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* Here’s to 2017!

Hello Friends. Happy New Year to you and yours. This is the year we’ve been waiting for. The year we have the opportunity to make lasting changes in Monroe. We have the opportunity to fully take back our Town Board. In 2015, we elected Tony Cardone and Mike McGinn to the Town Board. We are

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* Do the math: 382 acres, 7,640 apartments, 45,840 people

Why did you move to Orange County? The schools? The rural character? The commute? The people? Maybe all of the above. I am proud to be one of an amazing group of people who started the grassroots group, United Monroe. We created our organization four years ago in order to activate a very disengaged electorate

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* Assemblyman James Skoufis Responds to Governor’s Veto of Annexation Oversight Bill

Assemblyman James Skoufis Responds to Governor’s Veto of Annexation Oversight Bill Earlier Today: The Governor’s repeated veto of my annexation oversight bill reflects a politically-driven disregard on this critical issue. Likewise, his continued argument that the bill is unconstitutional flies in the face of reality. Residents in Orange County have seen for themselves what can

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