Monroe-Woodbury Board of Education Votes to Approve Boundary Change

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Tonight, the Monroe-Woodbury Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a boundary change that would expand the KJ School District to match those of the proposed town of Palm Tree.

The resolution passed tonight would ensure the protection of M-W School district from the private school bloc vote should Kiryas Joel separation pass the Orange County Legislature and a referendum vote.

The parents of thousands of students who live in Monroe, Woodbury, Chester, Blooming Grove, and Tuxedo can be proud that their school board’s vote tonight. The Board carefully considered the preservation of the high-quality education delivered by the district, as well as the interests of the tens of thousands of MW taxpayers.

The Superintendent’s office delivered a thorough report to the Board, which concluded:

1. The short-term effect to the district would be a loss of approximately $340,000 in tax revenue, AND

2. The long-term effect of NOT changing the district boundaries would cost us $1.9 million per year in extra expenses for transportation, special education, and out of district tuition.

A hearty thanks to Assemblyman James Skoufis, who spoke out in favor of the alteration of district boundaries and KJ separation.

A hearty thanks to County Legislator Myrna Kemnitz, who delivered a written statement strongly supporting a change in both the school district boundaries and the proposed Town of Palm Tree.

Thank you,

John A.

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