Mary Bingham

Mary Bingham for Monroe Town Council

Mary Bingham and her husband have lived in Monroe for 35 years, and her two children are Monroe Woodbury Central School District graduates. Mary earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and further studied at SUNY Orange to obtain her certification as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Mary has been a vocal advocate for her neighbors in Water District 12 in recent years but is most known for her extensive service to Monroe as a member of the Conservation Commission (2000-2008), as well as the Planning Board (2010-2014 and 2016 to present). Mary served on a committee in 2005 that outlined the need for additional park services and the possible purchase of land for future parks; and in 2003, Mary was involved in a community workshop for solving land use and traffic issues. Mary’s interest in being a Councilperson is simple. Mary believes that public service is an important responsibility. She believes it should not be a career but instead, something to make our Town better and nicer. Mary hopes that her fellow citizens will sign her petitions in the coming weeks so that she can appear on the ballot in November on the United Monroe line. Mary looks forward to further serving all of the residents as the next Monroe Town Councilperson.


  • Restore Fiscal Responsibility
  • Strengthen Code Enforcement
  • Hold Public Comment at all Town Board meetings
  • Ensure meetings are reasonable in length
  • Properly Manage and Maintain Monroe Water and Drainage Districts



  • Lease or Sell Monroe Movie Theater
  • Secure an experienced grant writer
  • Represent all Citizens with Civility
  • Ensure Transparent, Accountable Governance
  • Preserve the Natural Beauty of Monroe
  • Prevent Unsustainable Growth