Monroe needs help from the Orange County Legislature on Thursday

Sep 4th, 2017 | By

We have a problem that no other municipality in Orange County has. The residents of one of our villages aspire to a quality of life virtually opposite that of the rest of our town’s residents. Kiryas Joel seeks urban-style living, multi-family residences and sends most kids to private schools. The rest of us cherish our

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Maintain the problem or help find a solution?

Sep 3rd, 2017 | By

Orange County legislators will meet next week (Thursday, Sept 7th) to start the process for creating a new town and moving on to a new era. Their vote will not establish the new Town of Palm Tree, composed of the present Village of Kiryas Joel and some surrounding land. That can be done only by

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Separating from Kiryas Joel does not hurt Blooming Grove or Woodbury

Jul 24th, 2017 | By

Let’s be clear: Separating from Kiryas Joel does not hurt Blooming Grove or Woodbury. It simply puts Monroe on the same playing field as these neighboring municipalities. Monroe has had the conflict over the years due to the voting bloc sitting in Monroe. Woodbury and Blooming Grove have not. The leaders of Monroe, years ago,

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Editorial: New town solves lingering problems

Jul 23rd, 2017 | By

The plan to create a new town by combining the Village of Kiryas Joel, a 164-acre expansion that has already been approved and an additional 56 acres is now on its way to the next step, consideration by the county Legislature and the voters in the Town of Monroe. The agreement also includes an agreement

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July 17, 2017 Town Board Meeting Synopsis

Jul 18th, 2017 | By

It has been a long time since I’ve written a synopsis after a Town Board meeting. There are two reasons for this: 1. Since we’ve elected Mike McGinn and Tony Cardone, I feel like we’re in good hands and the Town Board no longer needs policing. 2. I just get too upset and frustrated with

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* Assemblyman James Skoufis Responds to Governor’s Veto of Annexation Oversight Bill

Sep 30th, 2016 | By

Assemblyman James Skoufis Responds to Governor’s Veto of Annexation Oversight Bill Earlier Today: The Governor’s repeated veto of my annexation oversight bill reflects a politically-driven disregard on this critical issue. Likewise, his continued argument that the bill is unconstitutional flies in the face of reality. Residents in Orange County have seen for themselves what can

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* Email received from a KJ resident

Apr 9th, 2016 | By

Below is an email I received from a KJ resident. This person asked that I not disclose their identity, due to fear of retribution against their children. This message gives us some insight into the discrimination, intimidation, and poor living conditions that KJ residents endure. I made some minor edits to spelling and grammar. Thanks,

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* Editorial: “Remember to be curious instead of furious.”

Feb 14th, 2016 | By
United Monroe

The Facebook pages are flooded with concern these past few weeks. South Blooming Grove citizens flocked to their municipal meeting this past Monday, Chester citizens grow concerned with development, and in Monroe, we hear nothing but talk of “Shea Meadow”, the “Rye Hill Corridor”, “Smith Farm”, etc. The demographics of our region are shifting rapidly.

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* The TRUTH About the Monroe Cinema

Feb 2nd, 2016 | By

Once and for all, this post should clarify exactly where United Monroe has always stood on the issue of the movie theater. The reason for the need for this clarification is that Supervisor Doles has made it his full time occupation to confuse, manipulate and distort the facts regarding the controversy of the purchase of

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*Why United Monroe doesn’t support TMACC

May 28th, 2015 | By

I received a call from a friend today who had questions about the Monroe movie theater and why I recommend that people refrain from attending movies there. I will tell you what this isn’t about: This isn’t about any personal feelings or vendettas against Harley Doles. It’s no secret that Doles was elected to vote

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