2015 Elections

* In the News. Article in the Epoch Times:

Dec 7th, 2015 | By

United Monroe™ Hopes for More Transparency From Town Board Emily Convers says two new board members have changed the political landscape By Yvonne Marcotte, Epoch Times | December 2, 2015 MONROE—Resistance to the annexation of a portion of the Town of Monroe by the Village of Kiryas Joel continues unabated. The political action organization United

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* How Do I Find My Voting Location?

Oct 31st, 2015 | By

Visit Orange County’s Polling Place Lookup page LOOKUP WHERE YOU VOTE

Code of Conduct

Oct 19th, 2015 | By

United Monroe believes that an informed and involved citizenry is a critically-important element of democracy. Monroe is fortunate that so many of its citizens have responded to the call to civic duty to counter the destructive actions of the current Town Board. During town meetings, most of the members of this Town Board regularly treat

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*Why United Monroe doesn’t support TMACC

May 28th, 2015 | By

I received a call from a friend today who had questions about the Monroe movie theater and why I recommend that people refrain from attending movies there. I will tell you what this isn’t about: This isn’t about any personal feelings or vendettas against Harley Doles. It’s no secret that Doles was elected to vote

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* Why does United Monroe endorse candidates? 

Feb 26th, 2015 | By

Why does United Monroe endorse candidates? There are very, very good reasons. We are on the pulse of everything happening locally. We speak to all elected officials in our region. We eat, sleep and breathe Monroe and Orange County matters. We know who’s on board, we know who’s non-committal and we know who works for

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