Carey-Baum Alley

I am a lifelong resident and a small business owner here in the Village of Monroe.

I left corporate accounting in 2003. Shortly after, I started working in the public sector where I had the opportunity to work with small and growing businesses on their day-to-day business and financial tasks. During this time, I always found a way to give back to the community that had always been so good to my family and me while growing up.

I am an active member of Hudson Valley Women in Business and own a small business on Millpond Parkway. As an entrepreneur, running a business here has provided me a different perspective of our Village and the opportunities for improvement.

I have a strong belief that small businesses and nonprofits are still the cornerstones of our community as they are the infrastructure needed in order to move forward. I believe more can be done to encourage sustainable small business ownership in the Village by offering incentives for entrepreneurs to bring what they love to do here to Monroe. I envision the Village board acting as a liaison between business and government, creating a bridge to open up communication and provide much-needed support to strengthen the necessary ties required to ensure mutual success.

I have a lifetime invested here and have the best interests of our future at heart. Running for Village Trustee affords me the opportunity to apply my energy and experience here, to my hometown, while preserving and building on the many great assets that already exist.