Audra Schwartz

Audra Schwartz – Monroe Town Justice Candidate

Audra SchwartzAudra Schwartz has practiced as an attorney for over 23 years. She has litigated, arbitrated and mediated cases in New York and New Jersey Federal and State courts and before the American Arbitration Association. She knows how to effectively identify relevant facts and evidence, analyze laws, weigh the parties’ interests and advocate in Court. Audra has represented both plaintiffs and defendants and she is adept at seeing both sides of an argument with an eye toward resolution. As a partner in her law firm since 2002, she has learned how to run a business with keen oversight and efficiency. All of these skills are essential attributes of an effective Town Justice.

Audra also has a long standing record of involvement in the Monroe Community. She and her husband have lived in Monroe for 15 years. Their oldest son graduated from the Monroe Woodbury school system in 2014 and their youngest son graduates next year. She was a member of the Town of Monroe Democratic Committee for 8 years during which time she served as a representative for her district. Audra also volunteered for 5 years as a member of the Town of Monroe Conservation Commission. For the past 7 years, she has served on the Town Planning Board, including in the position of Chairwoman since last June. In her short time as Planning Board Chair, she has put in place much-needed procedures so that property owners and the community can be assured that the Planning Board is operating responsibly, efficiently and in accordance with the law. Audra has demonstrated to the Town of Monroe community that she is ethical, unbiased, professional and decisive. She will be a fair, impartial and hardworking jurist.

Audra has been endorsed by both United Monroe and the Town of Monroe Democratic Committee. She would be honored if you voted for her to be your Town Justice.