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United Monroe™ was created in 2013 by a group of non-partisan, concerned citizens in response to the unfair and unbalanced decisions made by the Monroe Town Board.

The goal of United Monroe™ was to replace the 3 Town Board members who were up for election in November 2013 since the sitting Board was clearly not representing all of the people of Monroe, but instead, were representing the voting bloc in Kiryas Joel who elected them.

Due to apparent fraud within Kiryas Joel and disenfranchisement of the voters outside of Kiryas Joel on election day, the United Monroe™ party lost their bid for Town Board.

The election results were clear. United Monroe™ received 97% of the vote outside of Kiryas Joel. The sitting Board received 99% of the vote within Kiryas Joel.

United Monroe™ has become part of a larger movement for political and environmental action within the greater Hudson Valley Region.

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The United Monroe™ Team

Just a few of the many thousands of United Monroe suppporters

Here are just a few of the many thousands of United Monroe supporters