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About United Monroe™

United Monroe™ was created in 2013 by a group of concerned citizens in response to the unfair and unbalanced decisions made by the Monroe Town Board. We are a grassroots, non-partisan group made up of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We have supported and worked for candidates of all parties who we believe will be transparent, accountable and treat citizens with civility.

As citizens of Monroe, we began to organize in 2013 against a town board which did not represent all citizens of Monroe and did not act in the interests of all citizens. Three town board members had been elected with only the voting block from Kiryas Joel and represented only the narrow interests of that block vote. The election results were clear and unfortunate. The winning candidates, including our Town Supervisor, were elected with overwhelming support from KJ (above 96% of their votes came from KJ) and virtually none from the rest of the town. In fact, United Monroe™ candidates received approximately 97% of the vote in the rest of the town outside of KJ.

Since that election, we have been successful in helping to elect 2 members of the town board and 7 members of the school board. We continue our support of candidates who will represent ALL the citizens of Monroe.

We are a100% volunteer organization working only for more accountable, transparent government. United Monroe™ has become part of a larger movement for political and environmental action within the greater Hudson Valley Region.

The United Monroe™ Team

Just a few of the many thousands of United Monroe supporters

Just a few of the many thousands of United Monroe supporters