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It has been an eventful summer. United Monroe volunteers worked furiously over the last several months obtaining signatures, fundraising, planting lawn signs, campaigning, writing articles, creating a newspaper, all for the purpose of getting one of our very own, John Allegro, elected to the NYS Assembly. Thank you to each and every volunteer who worked throughout the summer.

Due to nefarious practices, lies and the attempted theft of our very name, we were unable to eke out enough votes in the Republican Primary for John Allegro. Far too much of our resources, time and energy, was spent fighting for “United Monroe”.

John Allegro did win in Warwick, Tuxedo and the Town of Monroe outside of KJ.

John stepped down for a few reasons:
1. We needed to preserve the name United Monroe. In order to ensure that our name was not stolen, John negotiated with Brabenec and the Republican Committee that Brabenec was not to use the words “United” or “Monroe” on his third party line on the ballot if John steps down.

2. The mounting costs of legal fees. Because we were forced into a situation to save our name, legal bills piled up. It was not at all practical to think that we could have launched a serious campaign in addition to paying the legal bills. Remember, the Republican party in Albany will be funding Brabenec,and the campaign would have gotten even uglier than it already was since Brabenec did not want to be in a three way race with John Allegro.

3. United Monroe realizes there is more work to be done to inform the electorate. Not nearly enough people showed up for the Primary election. We in Monroe need to spread the word to the rest of the county and 98th district that what happens in Monroe will impact the future of the County.

Imagine North Monroe coming to fruition?

Imagine the 382 acres of land in Monroe being part of “North Monroe”. Sure, KJ would no longer vote in our Town Board elections, which is great, but, what happens to our region and Orange County if this is allowed to happen?

Multiply 382 acres KJ wants to take to create “North Monroe” by 20 apartment units per acre. That equals 7,620 apartment units. Now, multiply 7,620 apartments by 6 people (the average family size in KJ). Now you have 45,720 additional people living in “North Monroe”, all voting as a bloc for whomever the KJ government tells them to vote for.

United Monroe ™ Stand Up and VOTE!Now imagine the next County Executive election, the next election for District Attorney, the next election for County Sheriff. The next election for Senate, Assembly, Congress. How do you think those elections are going to go?

With a population of over 80,000 people, how many County legislators will be assigned to represent North Monroe?

How will all future decisions about land, infrastructure, water, sewer, in Orange County be decided? By one, tremendous, bloc of voters who head to the polls and do exactly what they are told to do by a corrupt regime who pretend to care about their own citizens, and have the nerve to pretend to care about you.

We have more work to do, my friends.

And in the meantime, it’s a countdown to “Good bye Harley”.
November, 2017 is when we get to throw this unhinged, mad man out of office.

Here’s a quick update on what Harley is up to:

Supervisor Doles has been non stop blogging on the Photo News on line accusing me of inviting Chasidic people into Monroe, accusing me of making deals with the Alliance, accusing me of having back room deals with developers.

This is a classic case of projection, my friends. Harley is the one who meets KJ leaders in clandestine locations, who has promoted high density housing on Raywood Drive, who is working solely for his masters, the KJPE, by attempting to paint the all-volunteer, grassroots group as “deal makers”.
The only thing UM has ever offered anyone is good government.

Mike McGinn and Tony Cardone have already reduced costs in Monroe by eliminating the large and unnecessary public safety department created by Doles. McGinn and Cardone have hired an exceptional Town Planner to perform a complete overhaul of our previously incomplete comprehensive plan. McGinn and Cardone have hired an auditor to inspect all of the Town of Monroe finances which have been clearly mismanaged under Doles’ Supervision over the past years. McGinn and Cardone voted in favor of the two moratoriums which are now in place which are preventing residential construction from occurring while the comprehensive plan is being updated.
McGinn and Cardone have raised the price of the movie theater tickets in order to stop some of the bleeding that the running of this business has caused the taxpayers of Monroe.
McGinn and Cardone have hired a competent law firm to guide the Town Board, and fired the previous attorney who had no municipal experience but was a criminal defense attorney.
And in the meantime, Doles, in his work for his KJ masters, wants you to believe that we would have been better off giving the annexation to KJ. Doles is trying to convince the citizens of Monroe that the “KJ overflow” is a result of the annexation not going through.
This is complete nonsense.
The KJ leaders are going to build 1,500 units inside KJ in the next 10 years. There is no housing crisis. The people buying homes in Blooming Grove, or Woodbury, or Monroe who happen to be Chasidic, are buying homes for a few reasons. 1. They don’t want to live in KJ. or 2. They are buying investment property.
Whether the annexation went through or not, this would be happening. Many Chasidic families wish to have a yard for their kids. Just like you and me. The problem is the block busting that took place in South Blooming Grove, and the constant offers and flyers, and door bells ringing- this is not acceptable, and may very well have been, in some cases, a coordinated effort by the KJPE to get people scared and to get people to think that the annexation would have been better. These are the kind of tactics we are up against.
The Photo News didn’t help by using the same phrase that Harley has been using. “KJ Overflow”.
Imagine if these people were African American, or Hispanic, and the local paper drew a map of where the African Americans were buying homes? If this isn’t discriminatory, I don’t know what is. I can’t imagine if I bought a home for my family, and then found my name in the paper listed as one of the “Irish people” who bought a house in Monroe. That would be very unsettling for me.
We are a very divided community. There are reasons for this.

KJ citizens say they need to live near each other for religious reasons. They need a minyan to pray together, and they need to be within walking distance to pray together. This automatically rules out the possibility for integrated living. This is not ideal. I don’t believe in segregation of any kind. But, this is a self-segregating community. This works for the Amish in Pennsylvania who live a rural lifestyle, working the land, building furniture, and riding their horses and buggies. This doesn’t work in a suburban, semi rural, environment where one population is demanding that the other get out of the way. I would like for this to change. I don’t know how it can or will. I know many people who say they don’t care who buys a home next door to them as long as they’re good neighbors, are clean, and don’t cause any problems. I know I feel that way. There are some integrated neighborhoods in Woodbury, South Blooming Grove and Monroe where this is the case. Chasidic families live beside non-Chasidic families in harmony. This is ideal. The majority of Woodbury, Monroe and Blooming Grove residents wish to maintain the rural character of the community. KJ leaders not only don’t care about that, but they’ve point blank stated “if you don’t like the change, then move!”

People are nervous. People are nervous about the Monroe Woodbury School District. People are nervous about the quickly rising KJ population. People are nervous about the fact that their tax bills certainly aren’t going down. People are nervous about high density housing, and accessory apartments. People are nervous about the traffic, congestion, and total change of character of the Town in which they have chosen to raise their children.

There are multiple developments which are halted right now due to the moratorium. Once the moratorium is lifted, after the adoption of the new comprehensive plan, there will be hundreds of homes being built in Monroe. These homes sit in the Monroe Woodbury School District. These parcels of land which were purchased by developers could have been bought by previous Town Boards and protected as park land, or municipal land. Our Town Board, under Harley Doles, had the opportunity to buy land that came up for auction in the Town of Monroe, and he handed it right back over to KJ developers. Harley Doles is a man obsessed. He is going to be working over time until November of 2017 to convince you that United Monroe has made deals. There were never any deals.

I’m a mom of two boys, and a wife, a friend, a volunteer. Not only have I not benefited financially from any of my work, but I have lost the potential for thousands of dollars by not working. My plan was to go back to work when my little one started full-day of kindergarten. That was the year the Town Board bought the movie theater.

I never started working. Yet, I’ve never stopped working as a volunteer for this community. I am not looking for praise. I made this decision. And I’m happy I did because I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. Thanks to us, Mike and Tony are on the Town Board. Thanks to us, 507 acres of land isn’t being overdeveloped by Kiryas Joel. Thanks to us, people vote in local elections in higher numbers than ever before. And thanks to us, people actually know what annexation is, what lead agency means, what a comprehensive plan is, what zoning means. We’ve educated the electorate and we’ve brought more people out for primary elections than any other town in our county. I’m proud of the work we’ve done. I’m proud of our educated bloc vote. And I wouldn’t change my decision to volunteer my time and energy to this community.

But I’m going to ask for a favor in return.

  • Speak out and speak up when you see people getting beaten up, abused, harassed, and lied about. Don’t let the bullies have a platform. And get involved. Now, more than ever, we need you.
    Contact us at UnitedMonroe@gmail.com to become part of an amazing group of people working to protect your schools, your home values, your quality of life.

And remember, people will buy homes. Homes will go up for sale, and people will buy them. You should not discriminate against anyone looking to purchase a home. What we need to protect is the zoning. We need to ensure that the developments that are in the pipeline, Shea Meadows, Smith Farm, Bald Hill, Henry Farms- that they are marketed to everyone, and not just targeted to Brooklyn and Rockland. We must ensure that non-discriminatory housing practices are followed. And we need to disallow a corrupt government from acquiring more land.

Kiryas Joel should separate from the Town of Monroe. But, they should separate with their current borders and NOT take 382 acres with them.

It is our job to let the County Legislators know that North Monroe should only occur with KJ’s current borders.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support.

Emily Convers

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