Letter sent to the Commissioners Susan A. Bahren and David C. Green of the Orange County Board of Elections:

Town of Monroe Municipal Election November 4, 2014;

Required Action to Prevent Voting Irregularities

Dear Commissioners Bahren and Green, United Monroe respectfully submits this letter to impress upon the Board of Elections the urgent need to take concrete steps to ensure that the upcoming Election in the Town of Monroe is fair and untainted. As you know, there were multiple, serious irregularities and failures in the voting process in the Town of Monroe throughout Election Day, November 5th, 2013. These irregularities and failures, which are outlined in part below, undermined the credibility of the Election, violated citizens’ voting rights, including their basic right to a fair and free Election, and badly shook the confidence of the citizens of Monroe in the democratic process and the merits of voter participation in elections. United Monroe is very concerned that unless your Board takes clear steps to ensure a fair election this November, the election process will again be subverted.
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Open Letter From United Monroe to the Leadership of Kiryas Joel

We are interested in peace between our communities. We believe that a civil atmosphere must exist before any constructive dialogue among our communities can take place. We trust that you recognize that the primary cause of the recent discord is the Annexation. To lay the foundation for a civil conversation, Kiryas Joel needs to withdraw both the Annexation Petition and the recent resolution requesting the Town of Monroe hand over lead agency and the 507 acres in exchange for the possible separation of Kiryas Joel from the Town of Monroe. Moreover, Kiryas Joel representatives, such as School Superintendent Joel Petlin and Attorney Steven Barshov, need to cease characterizing residents who have concerns about the Annexation as being intolerant. This is far from the truth, and further poisons the atmosphere. Once Kiryas Joel takes these steps, United Monroe would be willing to promote an open and transparent dialogue with Kiryas Joel and other interested stakeholders aimed at developing a mutually beneficial framework for our communities going forward. We look forward to hearing from you.


Absentee Voting & Voter Registration Information

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About United Monroe


United Monroe was created in 2013 by a group of non-partisan, concerned citizens in response to the unfair and unbalanced decisions made by the Monroe Town Board.
The goal of United Monroe was to replace the 3 Town Board members who were up for election in November 2013 since the sitting Board was clearly not representing all of the people of Monroe, but instead, were representing the voting bloc in Kiryas Joel who elected them.

Due to apparent fraud within Kiryas Joel and disenfranchisement of the voters outside of Kiryas Joel on election day, the United Monroe party lost their bid for Town Board.

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About the Proposed Land Annexation


Just one month after the Town Board election was called in favor of the Kiryas Joel backed candidates, a petition was filed to annex 507 acres of Town of Monroe land into the Village of Kiryas Joel.

The Town Supervisor, Harley Doles, following the submission of this petition to annex 507 acres, released a letter he sent to Mayor Wieder of Kiryas Joel. In this letter, Supervisor Doles attempted to confuse the public.

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 Monroe NY Town Board Meeting  

Monday August 25, 2014


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 United Monroe in the National News 

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